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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today(22 August 2008), my father were noticed to be declared bankruptcy if he don't pay his credit card bills. At 12 noon he will declared bankrupt for not paying about MYR18, 000($5000) of his credit card debt.

He asked my mother to settle the payment but my mom said she has no more money for him. He asked my mother to pay with her own saving that is about MYR40, 000($11, 111). This is her own saving for about 20years of working. Even if my mother settle the payment, my father still have his credit card debt for MYR60, 000($16,666). The first debt that is $5000 is only for one credit card account. The total is about MYR78, 000($21, 666).

Is there someone out there who applied 9 credit card accounts? Well, my father does. What is a man spending his own credit card and ask his wife to settle the debt? Idiot!!!!

My father, a 53 year old man, now working off-shore as a medical officer(maybe) at Sarawak. Monthly salary is about MYR6, 000($1666). Working for 1 month at sea and holiday 1 month with the same salary. Some think this is a great job well it is. During holiday, activity is enjoying with friends u know drinking, cigarettes and karaoke. How to settle his debt if his life style is this?

Where have the money gone? Father have a friend called MAHMUD(maybe) from Kuala Lumpur recommended to make an investment that will make him a so called millionaire. Some may have heard of scam artist right? This is one of it. What is a business that u give ur money to the person and he ask u to wait at home enjoy your self and later he will give u a million. FUCK!!!! What a fool!!!! This starts last year April 2007 and the first payment he gave him is i think about MYR10, 000($2777) this amount can be settle anytime but the man started to ask for more money every day and with his promise there will be money soon.

Father was so happy think he will easily be a millionaire just like that. Sending money every day was the cause of the debt. One credit card exceed the limit he starts apply another new credit card and with his salary it is easy for him to apply as many as he want.

Ego will have in anyone but father have the strongest ego in him. My cousins always says that my mother is very stingy with money and my father is very kind with giving money. But if u think logically r u working for ur money for your relatives? No, right! ur r working to support your family right? Father doesn't do that. His only doing it to show others that he has a lot of money. And with his own son he is very stingy. But when he is with friends he wont.

When mother tell him not to give the guy(mahmud) more money father replied " Why not? This is my money. I do what i want with it!!!". And now the credit card debt starts to increase. When father finish his money then he start begging to mother for mother. Understand what i mean? When he has his salary he will start his ego and do what he wants. But when finished spending he'll starts to beg.


Yesterday i called him angrily that we cannot settle the payment with mom's saving because he has no right to disturb mom's savings. He was crying and begging to help him. Keep telling this is the last he ask for help and no more.. yea right his last was endless since last year.... when talking about the debt he always say "Hahahahaha.... Don't u worry." FUCK that!!!!! Now he starts begging for money... His now at Sea working and only text my mother asking to pay MYR18000($5000) to the bank if not he will bankrupt tomorrow. My mother was shocked telling please please please i cannot help no more.... if she use to settle the payment there is others debt to settle and it still not enough.... what r we goin to eat????

We've decided to sell my father house which my mother rent to someone to settle the debt. but it cannot be sured if we will get the money on time to settle his other debts??? who is the victim here? mother is the main victim. She's the one struggling to pay the debt... fuck!!!!!!
Dad ooo dad.......

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is MLM one of the best money solution?

MLM = Multi level Marketing

Year 2008,

1) Fuel price
2) Food price - eat what?
3) Materials price
4) Inflation
5) Income
6) Saving
7) Crisis

MLM potencial

"Mega Trend", John Naisbitt ; " 21st century is the MLM Era"

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad", Robert Kiyosaki " There was 10 ways for being rich rich but now theres one more that is MLM"

The apprentice, Donald Trump " if i can change back in time, i won't be do property business but i'll choose MLM to become rich"

When there is money crisis MLM will be the best choice
Crisis = opportunity
Economy down = better business

Most comments about MLM business
1) Doesn't have ability to speak fluently.
2) shame of selling to other peoples.
3) Waste of time.
4) Find downlines.
5) Rejections.

Well life is easy if u want it to be easy. But u will get what u deserve from it.
choose if do you want to :

Enjoy 2-3 years studying = struggle 20-30++++ years of working
struggle 2-3years MLM = Enjoy 20-30++++ years living.

Analyze Your Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone is our living, work, and social environments that we have grown accustom too. It determines the type of friends we make or people we associate with. It determines a life style we accept or reject.

Young people are very adaptable, they can adjust to changing comfort zones with ease. They can socialize with homeless people in the morning and be equally at east at a formal banquet in the evening. As we age, the ability to adapt to wide-ranging comfort zones, becomes more difficult. Social prejudice narrows the comfort zone range. Our present comfort zone is in one of the following conditions.

  1. We want to maintain our current comfort zone.

  2. We are dissatisfied with current conditions and want to move to another comfort zone.

  3. We were suddenly thrust from our comfort zone and want back in.

  4. We need to make decisions without supporting facts. The comfort zone can be a decision making tool.

The more clearly and vividly we fantasize our dream, with frequent repetitions and emotional impact, the stronger and more real the pictures on the subconscious level will become. Once our subconscious accepts this image and its expectation, the subconscious will go to work, searching for a way to bring it into reality. If we feel that these things are too good for us, we will find ways to fail. If, however, we intentionally use our imagination to:


Imagine the change we want.


Build an expectation of the change.


Mentally and emotionally, prepare ourselves for the change by anticipating what it will be like.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

What is "The Secret"?

What is "The Secret"?
"The Secret" is about an Austrailian woman, Rhonda Byrne, who is at both a crossroads and a low point in her life. Emotional and downtrodden, she seeks out the answers to some of life's deeper questions such as "why we are here?" and "what's it all about?". In the midst of her journey she comes upon the law of attraction, aka "the secret", and realizes that this is exactly what she's been looking for.

She then goes on to tell us that this information has been hidden from most of the population, hence the name, and that it was closely guarded by the powerful few. Although an argument can be made that this wasn't so much of a secret as it was simply a concept not accepted by most people, and that they have always been in complete control of their lives and their destinies, they just chose to believe otherwise for reasons of their own. Regardless of the truth, it is clear that the power of the Law of Attraction is now in the hands of anyone who wants to use it to create the life of their dreams. As Emerson wrote "dare to live the life you've imagined".

The rest of the movie is a series of interviews with experts from many fields sharing their concepts of what the secret means and how they have harnessed its power to create their own lives. These experts are often referred to as The Teachers. Many of these Teachers have programs that they have offered even before the phenomenal success that "The Secret" is now enjoying. If you haven't yet seen the movie, order it now and plan a night to watch it with someone you know will appreciate it. You will definitely want to discuss its meaning and implications with a like-minded person.

The secret affects on me

I was introduced to The Secret by my friend since the 20th of January 2008.I'm a 21 years old student live in Malaysia with no income and i only depend on my scholarship and my parents money.
Before i was introduce to the secret, my life well as a student i was not the type of a hardworking student in my study. Ussualy after class i went back to my room(dorm) and play games such as DOTA(my favourite game) for hours with my friends haha what a waste of time.....
My friend introduce me to the secret when i was playing DOTA with my friends and i ignored him for a while.. i didn't watch the secret at all but my friend still encourage me to watch it. So, i took a free time off from my friends and try to watched the secret alone and that time it really turns me on.
First thing pops in my head is OOOOuuuuuuu........ then i say to my self, instead of wasting my time by enjoying myselft all the time playing games what will i be in the future???? Huhu... this really sound very scary to me.....
So other people out there who haen't watch the secret try and get it. Try to download it from any website or p2p software or get the book.

P.S : Maybe u can say that i'm outdated for not knowing the secret long time ago but what the heck it's never to late right!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

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